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Tommi Defiant

Vox 'n' Bass 'n' Hobgoblin Gold.


Vox 'n' Guitar 'n' Guinness Foreign Extra.

Captain Impetuous

Drums 'n' Vox 'n' Thatcher's Cyder.

07 Jan

Sun 8th Jan 18

Back in Ocotber we visited Abatis Studios in darkest Warwickshire to lay down some new grooves. These are just being mastered and soon we'll bring you a new EP, to include new tunes Buzzword Bullshit, Slaves and I Found Death. Watch this space, punks.

21 Oct

Sat 21st Oct 17, Level III Swindon

From the South-East of England, we were toddlers when The Warriors formed in 1981 from the ashes of The Last Resort, but our Monkey has crossed paths with them in his previous incarnation as F1rst Wave axeman. We had a cracking time supporting the Warriors, who are all-round sound geezers! More great gigs to come in 2018 once we find a new drummer...

Sun 7th Jan 18

Rebel Station are now officially drummerless! Are you a tub-thumping punk with attitude? Come and audition.

Fri 17 Nov 17

Having taken on London and Cardiff, Rebel Station came to invade Britain's second city. Brum were in for a treat as we headlined Scruffy Murphys! It happened to be Tommi's Birthday too, so needless to say he got absolutely plastered...

17 Nov


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