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Tommi Defiant

Vox 'n' Bass 'n' Hobgoblin Gold.


Vox 'n' Guitar 'n' Guinness Foreign Extra.

Captain Impetuous

Drums 'n' Vox 'n' Thatcher's Cyder.

07 Oct

Sat 7th & Sun 8th Oct 2017

Finally we're heading into the studio to record some new material. New tunes I Found Death, BnB RnR and Slaves are the tunes to be laid down. We hope to release another EP shortly after this, to follow on from our latest release, Sick.

21 Oct

Sat 21st Oct 2017, Level III Swindon

From the South-East of England, we were toddlers when The Warriors formed in 1981 from the ashes of The Last Resort, but our Monkey has crossed paths with them in his previous incarnation as F1rst Wave axeman. The Warriors will be supported by Swindon's Dirty Outlaws, and of course Rebel Station.

Thu 2nd Nov 17

Rebel Station are back at the Vic! This time it's free entry folks, and we're supporting Daventry glam punkers Dead Frequency. Doors open at 8.30pm.

Fri 17 Nov 17

Having taken on London and Cardiff, it's time to invade Britain's second city. Brum, you are in for a treat! More details to follow.

17 Nov


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