Alex The Captain Limbrick started drumming in 2005 for a church youth band. It evolved out of church and they started playing in parks around Gloucester. In 2008 they did a 2 week tour of the Philippines where they teamed up with a charity called the Philippine community fund. As part of this they raised money for a drum kit, a full set of PA, 8 tonnes of rice and 5 pedicabs, all of which was donated to the charity.

In 2010, after many more pub and park gigs, They went on to tour America, teaming up with another charity called Rachel's challenge (an anti bullying charity in schools). They played about 40 gigs, about half in schools and the others in pubs and clubs to fill in.

When they got back, Captain went into the real world and started working.

After a couple of years Captain started looking to play in a band again and after a few months he was contacted by Tommi about a punk band and so Rebel station began.

The nickname The Captain came from a friend who said he rode his motorbike as if always on the way to a medical emergency and someone else called him Captain Impetuous because of it.

At the end of 2017, The Captain tendered his resignation from Rebel Station, and in early 2018 we sadly saw him disappear into the sunset, very rapidly, given his taste for exceptionally fast contraptions on 2 wheels. He has since started a family, so you may not see him often at the bar, but if you do, he could really do with a cider!


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