Witham has played music for as long as she can remember. She first started on the recorder at age 3 or 4 and quickly started playing piano as well. She has played a number of different instruments growing up but always wanted to play the drums. Sadly, she was never allowed to as a child because "drums aren't a girl's instrument". Hmmmm....

That's a whole different story, but after years of begging, and to no luck, Witham started drum lessons behind her parents' back once she started secondary school, and never stopped!

Witham's job now is as a drum teacher. She has played drums in bands since 14 years old, when she played in an Offspring covers band with friends.

Since then, Witham has played in lots of bands from punk, to a mod covers function band, to Riot Grrrl act Fight Rosa, Fight.

In early 2018, WItham joined Rebel Station.

A random surprising fact you might not know about Witham... she's really into sport, mainly badminton and she has played (and still does) for Gloucestershire County. At one point, as a teenager, Witham was officially the best female player in the south west!

If you see Witham at the bar, she'd like a Cheeky Vimto!

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