Will Squier drummed for U.K.'s Lowest from 2012, and for Kearney's Jig from 2016, then picked up a bass for Disruptive Influence, and drums for Charred Hearts (fellow Swindon stable-mates of Rebel Station) from 2017. Yep, he's one of those sickeningly talented folk who can play anything!

Following news in early 2019 that Rebel Station's drummer Witham was due to give birth in early September, just after the band's scheduled performance at Rebellion Festival, the band looked for a stand-in, and found a blinder in Mr Will Squier. Not only did he dep for a few cracking gigs while Witham was on mat-leave, but he also practised on bass for a while to help Tommi get to grips with switching from Bass to Guitar.

Will later moved to Wales, just in time for a further lockdown, and left the band at that point. We wish him well!

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Charred Hearts

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UKs Lowest
UK's Lowest

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Kearney's Jig

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